Weatherford CygNet

We redefined the definition of oilfield downtime for over 60% of the Oil & Gas Industry

We helped CygNet, a Weatherford company, mobilize their desktop operations data for production fields and put critical operational data in the hands of the workers who need it most. By democratizing the data coming in from well sites, we created a user centered designed experience that made lease operators cry for joy.


CygNet needed to mobilize a desktop application that monitor oil-field production across thousands of sensors and hundreds of customers. The app had to be a value add to lease operators and engineers to make their days more efficient and less stressful.


Excess downtime was caused by difficulties in accessing and comprehending sensor data, and understanding how to prioritize a work day. By creating a user centered experience, we made visualizing the well data on a smartphone a seamless task. We gave the workers on the ground a way to easily understand what the most critical well sites were and helped them route their day more efficiently.


  • 100% increase in lease operator productivity
  • Reduced well downtime
  • Reduced waste by prioritizing maintenance of high-valued assets
“Because of this mobile tool instead of driving 100 miles, I can drive 20 important miles.”anonymous user

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