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[x_text class=”left-text ” style=”font-size:1.6rem;”]Book. Stay. Go. — With this premise, Ve-Go was born. Ve-Go allows travelers to book a hotel stay, check-in, and select their own hotel room prior to their arrival and check out on the departure day all conveniently from their mobile device.
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First of all, nobody has solved this problem of the entire booking, check in – check out on a phone. With Ve-Go, we were changing the way the industry had been working for years. We had to integrate with a 3rd party system called Micros to be able to get access to the hotel data. We did not really know how much this would cost, how long it would take, and even if it was possible. We had to get certified by Micros even before we built the app. We worked through the certification, spiked what was possible and what was not and were able to help guests check into their rooms on their own!!
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  • Designed to convey the look and feel of sophisticated and luxurious hotel design through the use of black and white elements blending seamlessly with full color, edge-to-edge photography
  • Incorporated iOS 7 inspired flat design elements and systems to make app modern
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  • Created a fast, intuitive native app experience
  • Gave more control to guests and improved the overall hotel experience
  • Made hotel experience seamless from booking to checkout

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