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The new energy consumer is here.

Your consumers want more than the kilowatt-hour. Empower them with the information and services to simplify their home and energy management. Go beyond the once-a-month utility bill to deliver personalized energy-as-a-service— and see real impact on business KPIs to increase customer retention and engagement.

Reimagine your offering



Align your value proposition to the needs of your customers. Expand your offering to meet the full spectrum of home and energy management.


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  • Help consumers integrate and manage their smart home.
  • Deliver communication on the right channel at the right time during times of crisis.
  • Provide the information consumers need to manage their own energy consumption.
  • Leverage the smart grid to enable them to take advantage of alternative energy sources.

Where will you optimize?

Simplify load demand planning with real-time data and predictive analytics, doubling the accuracy of your forecasting.

Use the Internet of Things to use predictive maintenance—and cut operating costs by as much as 40 percent.

Streamline customer service with an intuitive and simplified redesign of your call center process, improving productivity by 400 percent.

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Manage your remote workforce more effectively with real-time data on location and progress, doubling operator productivity.

Understand where your processes break down with real-time, connected KPI dashboards.

Optimize every asset with management by exception alerts to stay ahead of breakdowns and outages to double operator productivity.

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Use data to drive your transformation.



Innovation of this scale requires more than an educated guess based on customer surveys. Invest in scientifically sound, data-driven user research to really understand the user frustrations and process issues you need to solve.

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Create impact with the right strategy.



Your digital products are never finished. Rapid delivery of iterative releases—powered by real user data—guarantees your product stays relevant. We’ll help you build ROI in your roadmap by starting with an ROI-driven business case.

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We have years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on user experience led digital strategy and the results to show for it. By integrating user-centered design practice with agile development, our approach guarantees real business ROI.

We built our reputation with the utilities industry on the results of our clients.

Increase operator productivity by 400% with design

Increase operator productivity by 400% with design

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Make a play for the smart home of the future

Make a play for the smart home of the future

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