Utilities Mobile Solutions

Solutions to better manage your operations

As the number of smart meters and IoT devices increases and customers’ expectations of customer service continue to rise, utility companies will have to develop better solutions that deliver a more personalized service. In addition, as things change in the electric grid’s supply and demand profile and infrastructure ages, utility companies will have to manage their systems better and align production with consumption in order for the grid to function properly. We create solutions to help utility companies provide the best service to their customers and continually improve to meet power demands.


Through a great user experience and beautiful design, we are able to create solutions that will make your call center better and make call center agents more likely to adopt this technology.

  • Increase first call resolution and solve problems quicker by reducing average handle time for common call types with a more intuitive call center application
  • Allow customers to report outages faster and manage their utility bills with a mobile app
  • Reduce new hire training and agent attrition with user-friendly application


Ensuring that consumers and businesses have reliable service is important to utilities operations. It’s very important for equipment to be maintained in order to reduce the number of outages and failures.

  • Optimize asset performance and transform the way services are delivered through real-time updates and monitoring via mobile
  • Get ahead of outages and reduce incidents/failures by getting the latest information on your mobile device
  • Track the current status of maintenance requests and get real time updates on the current location of maintenance workers with mobile

Increase Transparency to Better Manage Operations

With a huge amount of assets and a large workforce, it can be hard to keep track of everything. In addition, the utilities industry has to follow a numerous amount of regulations. Mobile solutions can help utilities companies manage their assets, people, and regulatory requirements.

  • Schedule and manage job assignments on a mobile device
  • Quickly analyze the performance of assets and services in order to adjust to trends and meet regulations with iBeacons and a mobile app
  • Reduce regulatory fines and adopt new regulatory requirements quicker with mobile forms

Improve Logistics and Administrative Processes

Making sure your employees have the right tools and relevant information when they need it will make your company more successful. Mobile solutions can help utilities companies track all orders and train employees quicker.

  • Speed up orders and delivery through more accurate data collection and real time syncing with a mobile device
  • Recruit and train employees quickly through mobile content distribution and training tools