The Success of Your Digital Product Depends on Deeply Understanding Your Users


Defining user behavior and needs at the beginning of a project does more than create apps that gives users a warm, fuzzy feeling. Great UX is about making someone’s life simpler, and enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Our UX research process guarantees digital products meet business KPIs by centering on real business problems and challenges, and developing a holistic and data-driven solution to solve them.


Ideas are great. That’s why we ground ours in data to deliver real ROI.

We don’t rely on educated guesses. We observe and listen, and then use that data to form a hypothesis of how your digital product can empower your users and enable your business to meet its goals. We rigorously test and measure the impact of that hypothesis—before we write a single line of code.

User Feedback–when you can use it

Your digital products are never finished. Consumers demand that your product continuously evolve through rapid, iterative releases in response to their constant stream of feedback. Ignore this pressure and watch your consumers move to your competitor. 

Our approach empowers you with the data-driven insights and ROI goals to drive your product’s next release.
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We discover the problems you don’t know you need to solve.

Conducting user interviews with managers or relying on a process diagram is not enough. To truly understand users, we go out to the field, mapping the flow of work, measuring time on task, identifying friction points, and more. Skipping these crucial steps leads to poor user adoption.

Why You Can’t Rely on User Interviews
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  • Connector.

    What the user says

    “I want to check this report while I am out in the field.”

  • Connector.

    What they really mean

    “I need access to four or five data points from the report to make decisions.”

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    Reframe the problem

    “The user receives just the data they need to make action.”


Why ChaiOne

We have years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on user experience led digital strategy and the results to show for it. By integrating user-centered design practice with agile development, our approach guarantees real business ROI.

Our offering covers the following type of work:
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