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Why ChaiOne

Our Core Strength

Modern applications are successful only when strategy, design and engineering work together within a core team. We have coupled this core team approach with over 50,000 hrs of field expertise to create the world’s leading digital studio for the energy and industrial sectors.

Most Viable Product

Cradle to grave development of features that produce
the highest return for your business, fast.

ChaiOne Way

84% of digital initiatives fail. Our stage-gated approach
reduces risk early while performing at startup speed.

Product Visioning Sprint

Our design thinking process prioritizes pilots with the highest ROI, making it easier for you to manage the digital transformation.

  • Design Thinking
  • Workshop
  • Prioritized Backlog of Apps
  • Technical Study
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User Research Sprint

Our user centered design approach with field observations allows us to identify waste in the process, generating the business case and setting you up for success.

  • User Personas
  • Key Opportunity Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Indicative Design Concept
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Product Design & Development Sprint

We take the process improvements overlaid with user observations and our core team insights to conceive the art of the possible. Design sprints run ahead of the engineering sprints, providing full visibility into the agile delivery process.

  • Design Prototype
  • Backlog
  • Technical Specs
  • Full Working Product
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Modular services run by our practice leaders to
overcome 4 key risks to your digital outcomes.


Design Thinking for Business Transformation

Your business needs several new tools or modernized processes, but you’re unsure where to begin. You’ve launched new software to improve operations, but your users resist using it. You have ideas that could revolutionize your business, and want to learn fast by piloting a concept. ChaiOne’s Design Thinking for Business Transformation services will:

  • Assess process (in)efficiencies, tools and user pain points
  • Identify improvements or new opportunities among your processes, tools, and users that create measurable value to the business
  • Prioritize digital and non-technical solutions, develop roadmaps to drive change
  • Rapidly create and pilot proof of concepts that can be quickly vetted for success
  • Establish baselines for tracking ROI and KPIs during transformation

Truth by Design

Design systems are an integral resource for designers when creating new user experiences, and it is imperative when building a collection of new and existing applications. A UX design system provides designers and developers a single source of truth promoting a consistent and cohesive user experience across multiple products and experiences.

  • Consistency in design and development
  • Reduces design and development time/effort
  • Improves usability

Untangle Your Data

Your business needs several new tools or modernized processes, but you’re unsure where to begin. You’ve launched new software to improve operations. Your employees need information so they can do their best work. You’ve built system after system to capture that information, but how do they find it? Is this piece of data in this system or that system? How can they find it quickly, easily, when they need it the most? ChaiOne’s API Management Consulting will:

  • Work with your users to identify the information that they need
  • Work with your IT teams to understand the data landscape of your current systems
  • Define a roadmap of API and system improvements to move your data from where it is to where your users need it
Project Management

Don’t Say You Are
—Be Agile.

Do you want order in your delivery chaos? Do want to transition to Agile? Have you implemented Agile, but not seeing success? The truth is that many organizations, small to enterprise, think they are agile because they have implemented some of the agile processes. We’ll bring the benefits of Agile to fruition through our assessment and planning services to aid your organization in achieving agility across teams and your organization.

  • Change readiness assessments
  • Maturity assessments
  • Roadmap Development
  • Agile Coaching and Training
  • Adoption Plans
  • Key team member augmentation

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