Remote Asset Monitoring

We created an efficient and intuitive way for operations to monitor assets remotely.

Employees at a downstream division of a multi-national oil & gas company were anchored to their work computers even during off hours to monitor sensitive equipment they had interest in at the facility. Instead of letting this negatively impact their personal lives, we did detailed research with the company to develop a mobile solution that would provide operations team members with remote access to refinery monitoring data. Team members can now remotely monitor and address issues quickly without having to lug around their work computer or travel to the office to monitor or address issues.


A large oil and gas company needed a mobile solution that would give operations staff the ability to remotely view, track, and visualize real-time information from refineries.


By conducting observations, interviews, and usability studies to identify user needs and understand the work environment, we were able to create a mobile solution that helped the team react more quickly and effectively to issues. In addition, users could customize and trend the data shown on screen and share this information with others.


  • Removed all of the clutter and cumbersome components
  • Allowed engineers to quickly search and organize/collect sensors into groups for easy monitoring
“Such a timesaver. Now I don’t have to lug around a big laptop to be on call! Never had an app so useful for my job.”anonymous engineer

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