Real-time Timesheet Management for Remote Field Workers

Industrial Field Services


“The ability to see real-time data
about who came to work and who
didn’t is huge for us!”

– Superintendent


Industrial field services company relied solely on a paper timesheet process.

  • Crew timesheets are filled out on paper across multiple geographies.
  • Crew foremen hand in, fax or email photos of timesheets to payroll admins.
  • Payroll admins often have to follow up with foremen to clarify illegible or missing timesheet entries.
  • Payroll admins regularly work overtime to process paychecks because timesheets are typically submitted at the very last minute.
  • Managers rely on word-of-mouth to staff jobs with additional employees when some do not show up to a crew job.


  • Digital timesheets record data automatically, significantly reducing data entry errors or omissions and associated rework.
  • Digital process significantly speed up time recording.
  • Admins process payroll data on a daily basis, greatly minimizing overtime work to handle last minute timesheet submissions.
  • On-time work completion is largely improved due to faster staffing of jobs where employees do not show up to crew jobs.

At least $10,000 in savings from reduced manual data entry annually.

Reduced payroll admin overtime to process payroll.

Digital process is 2-3 times faster than paper process.

At least 50% reduction in timesheet review and approval step.

Reduced payroll admin overtime to process payroll.


“I used to spent at least 8 hours each
week just fixing errors in the timesheets
and now this task takes minutes!”

– Payroll Admin

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