Increase Efficiency in the Oilfield

With data and satellite networks becoming more commonplace in remote locations, mobile applications are quickly becoming a key component of oil and gas operations. Having real-time contextual information across people and assets is critical in key decision moments. Employees and customers expect a higher level of efficiency to improve productivity and lower costs. We build solutions across a range of specialty areas from upstream to downstream.

Upstream Solutions

In the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, it’s crucial to respond quickly to issues and maintain all assets. Mobile and sensors help upstream companies collect better data and improve asset management wherever they are.

  • Maintain offshore and onshore assets wherever you are in order to respond quickly to risks
  • See real-time insights into assets, people, and production data to monitor KPIs via mobile
  • Conduct inspections by monitoring conditions, doing assessments, and collecting large amounts of data with mobile and iBeacon technology
  • Visualize data on your device to quickly identify problems and assets


Knowing your inventory levels and making sure that everything is in compliance is key to ensuring that operations run smoothly. With mobile technology, midstream and service oil and gas companies can better manage all data from the field, adjust quickly to inventory demands, and improve compliance.

  • Collect and manage data from the field with a mobile device and receive real-time updates to improve decision-making
  • Track and manage all supply and rental inventory and improve the procurement and reordering process with iBeacons and mobile technology
  • Make BHA configuration and management easier by getting more accurate data on the angle required to drill
  • Improve compliance in the pipeline and oilfield construction process with mobile inspection checklists and accelerate work completion by identifying roadblocks


In the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry, ensuring that data is accurate and workers are safe are vital to the business. Mobile solutions can help companies collect data that will enable them to take action quickly and also respond faster to emergencies.

  • Improve inspection data for environmental assessments and quickly take corrective action by using mobile forms and sensors to collect data
  • Gather more accurate data on information needed to identify the GRM such as the total value of petroleum products coming out of the oil refinery, the price of the raw material, and the Nelson Complexity
  • Make refinery turnarounds faster with quicker inspections and testing while also maintaining safe and efficient operations
  • Quickly locate and notify all workers via mobile in case of emergency and remotely monitor incidents in order to provide a safer work environment