Enable the digital shop floor.



The future of your customer success depends on digital.

Digital technologies are opening up new possibilities for manufacturing to meet consumers’ evolving needs. Data-driven process optimization is enabling true personalization. It’s customization and innovation—at scale.

Optimize your operation to customers’ needs.



Don’t rely on outdated processes and tools to produce future-proof products. Smart, digitally enhanced products that meet and anticipate customers’ needs come from smart, connected and agile factors. The digital plant is here.


Where will you optimize?

Supply Chain Innovation
harnesses sensors and RFID tracking to make the perfect order, perfect delivery possible— and improve on-time delivery by as much as 30 percent.

The Warehouse
becomes 40 percent more efficient with digital tools and predictive models to drive dynamic scheduling, cross-docking and an effective field workforce.

The Production Line
uses data-driven insights to power a fully optimized production cycle, using sensor connections, automation, mobile applications and streamlined communication to simplify the process.

The Sales Team
connects their CPQ system and mobile sales enablement tools to a fully visible and real-time inventory to shorten the sales cycle by as much as 90 percent.

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Predictive Maintenance
drives a self-learning process to optimize all assets, reducing maintenance costs by up to 40 percent.

The Remote Field Service Technicians’ Process
becomes streamlined with all the data they need—on their mobile device: work order tracking, GPS routing, instant communication and real-time inventory visibility.


Realize tremendous ROI in 6 to 12 months—with a data-driven strategy.



Transformation of this scale requires scientifically sound approach to understanding the user frustrations, customer needs and process issues in the way of your KPIs. Build a strategy to rapidly deliver iterative releases—based on real user data—to keep your digital portfolio relevant and highly adopted, We’ll help you build ROI into your transformation strategy.

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Optimize your workforce with user research

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Streamline your digital plant

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Uncover the inefficiencies in your process.

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