[x_text class=” top-sub-headline-portfolio”]We made it easy for financial advisors to get relevant information on-the-go[/x_text]
[x_text class=”left-text ” style=”font-size:1.6rem;”]We partnered with Invesco, an independent investment management company, to create a mobile app that would meet customers’ demands for their investment information and align with its marketing strategy of connecting with clients wherever they were. Customers can now easily access actionable insights from their fund information and expert advice in a sticky, delightful mobile interaction– an attractive offer for prospective customers.[/x_text]
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Invesco needed to evolve its digital platforms in order to address a growing demand for flexible web and mobile solutions. The app had to align with Invesco’s marketing strategy and long-term branding goals.
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Without the mobile app, it wasn’t easy for clients to access the specific data points they needed wherever they were. By incorporating the workflow and features familiar to Invesco clients and field advisors, we created a unified user experience that provided real-time content updates and established a connection with the user– encouraging repeat usage and client interaction.[/x_text][x_text class=”left-text “]


  • Immediately received positive attention in the marketplace after the first release
  • Ranked #1 by
  • Received earned media within the industry
“Invesco’s field advisors have incorporated the application in their daily workflow and are promoting this daily to their clients. They come back with excellent feedback from the field and have witnessed an overwhelming increase in sales and interaction with clients directly tied to the application.”Invesco’s marketing team

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