The success of your plant floor
hinges on digital manufacturing

Digital technology redefines the everyday operations of the industrial space – creating new methods for automation, collaboration and efficiency. Laborers, foremen, technicians and more are opting into digital products to optimize their processes and workflows. Our products synchronize information in fluid and universally beneficial ways while reducing human errors, streamlining bloated processes and eliminating outdated, manual tasks.

We help you realize your capacity to realize The Digital Plant by introducing new, digital solutions and technologies to answer nagging problems. Don’t wait to play catch up: future proof your resources, investments and workforce with technology and digital applications that will scale and advance you in the digital world.

Renovate the supply chain

to harness sensor data and RFID tracking. Focus on making the order, delivery and timing perfect – every time.

The warehouse becomes
40% more efficient

with digital tools and predictive models, in turn driving dynamic scheduling, cross-docking and empowering workforce.

Power the production line

with data-driven insights: optimize and simplify the production cycle via sensor connections, automation, mobile applications and streamlined communications.

Connect the sales team

to a dynamic CPQ and mobile sales enablement system, enabling transparency into real-time inventory while shortening the sales cycle by as much as 90 percent.

Improve refinery
turnaround performance

with mobile solutions that enable quicker inspections and testing of critical infrastructure.

Keep refinery workers safe

with mobile workforce solutions that push out alerts in the event of a crisis or emergency.double operator productivity.

Industrial internet of things

Your people, your equipment, your environment produce a lot of data. We plug into IIoT to contextualize and visualize critical data in the right way, enabling you to manage workforce, machines and investments in more efficient, automated ways.

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