Empowering patients and providers to achieve quality digital healthcare

Public attention is focused on the healthcare industry: access to care, policies and regulations, research and innovation, and more. As consumers demand transparency into our health system, providers and healthcare companies must step up and rethink how they interact with patients. Through digital technologies – like wearables, sensors / monitors, virtual reality, and smart patient portals, we can help healthcare companies design and develop game-changing innovations that both empower patients to take charge of their health and help medical professionals improve treatments.

Leveraging our HIPAA compliant patient and healthcare provider (HCP) research techniques, we develop data-driven designs that transform the healthcare space:

  • creating more mobility and points of access for patients & providers
  • giving control of medical data & records to patients and caregivers
  • improving accuracy of data, communications and scheduling

Make medical charts
more efficient

and reduce the hassle associated with repetitive medical data entry

Enable more proactive
patient support

when they need it most: providing real-time updates, reminders and follow up procedures right to the mobile phone

Be a proactive
healthcare partner

partner by interfacing with smart technology tracking of daily health and appointment reminders and follow-ups

Provide support for patients

on a medication regimen, ensuring their digital devices keep them informed about dosage scheduling requirements, side effects and more

Install navigation beacons

beacons in hospitals and doctors’ offices to help patients check-in to appointments and navigate buildings


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