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At ChaiOne, we started in your shoes: as entrepreneurs with a fresh idea and unrelenting ambition to get it to the market. What we’ve learned: no product is perfect right out of the gate. New ideas need to be tweaked and evolved to mature into something the market will love.

We’ve worked tirelessly to build up the Texas digital technology and design scene – founding iOS meetups, incubating nascent start-ups and developing our own digital software in house. Through this process, we’ve surrounded ourselves with critical thinkers and partners in digital – from Apple to Predix – as well as attracted a talented group of researchers, designers and engineers to help us bring digital ideas to life.

For your new product, idea or strategy, we can work with you in a variety of ways, including coaching on:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) / Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Fast prototyping with Agile sprints
  • Rapid releases and iterations on features
  • Go-to-Market strategies

MVP in 30 days

Creating a new product from scratch seems arduous – but it doesn’t have to be. Getting to an MVP to test and vet is a great way to iterate and refine an idea to perfection.

Nimble and fast

Agile methodologies comprising self-organizing design and development teams can lead to fast working sprints and rapid delivery of digital projects

Never stop refining.

Great ideas and products must mature and evolve, especially with technology changes.

Taking products
successfully to market

is less than straightforward, especially in a crowded marketplace full of great ideas.

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