Houston Dynamo

We built the ultimate Houston Dynamo fan experience.

We teamed up with the Houston Dynamo in early 2013 to build the ultimate fan experience for iPhone and Android devices. This mobile app keeps Dynamo fans connected to the team’s roster, upcoming matches and Dynamo updates with a slick interface and intuitive design. Dynamo fans can also keep up with the latest news and videos and follow the season schedule and scores with ease.


The Dynamo originally came to us with the intent of digitizing their Game Day print magazine offering. Their publishing pipeline could easily be converted to digital, but that wouldn’t provide a chance for the day-to-day outreach with the Houston Dynamo fan base. They needed a way to reach their fan base on a daily basis.


With a diverse and dedicated fan base, the Houston Dynamo needed to look for new ways to reach fans and continue to share the Dynamo brand with new people. We came up with an intuitive and interactive app that would achieve this goal. Branded with the Dynamo colors, the app has fun interactions such as an animation that mirrors a soccer field and a Dynamo team roster that simulates shuffling through player cards. By integrating with the Major League Soccer organization’s APIs, the app was able to provide the type of information fans needed within a uniquely branded Dynamo mobile experience.


  • Created a great fan experience
  • Increased engagement
  • Helped the Houston Dynamo shift into the digital and social space
“This mobile app is an important part of our marketing efforts going forward. Our strategy has shifted into a digital and social space, and the app will be the centerpiece of it all going forward. This is a quality product and Dynamo fans are going to find great value in having it.”Dynamo President Chris Canetti

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