Food Distribution Catalog Application

Food Distribution Catalog

Our mobile solution transformed the relationship between marketing associates and customers.

We worked with a global leader in marketing and distributing food products to come up with a mobile solution that would make it easy for marketing associates to identify opportunities where customers could improve their menus and meet goals. With the app, marketing associates could customize digital menus, see product trends, and search and compare products in order to meet goals. The app improved the conversion process of new customers and increased customer loyalty.

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The foodservice company wanted to transform marketing associates into effective consultants who would play a crucial role in the long-term growth of the business.


We conducted observations and interviews with current marketing associates as they conducted their normal day-to-day activities as well as with executives in order to identify needs and business objectives. With this information, we created a mobile app that displayed interactive customer menus and worksheets to help marketing associates meet customers’ needs and price points.


  • Reduced customer conversion from taking 90 visits to 10
  • Increased customer awareness of goods and services offered by client
“With this app, I can now feel confident I know everything about my customers’ needs when I see them. Total game changer.”anonymous marketing associate

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