We helped rig inspectors easily locate and get relevant information on rigs through a mobile app.

We worked with Drillinginfo, a provider of leading oil and gas intelligence, tools, and services, to create an app that would help rig inspectors find and get specific information on rigs. The app helped inspectors find rigs based on filters and also get relevant information wherever they were in a user-friendly way.


With so much information on rigs such as the location, depth rate, and type, Drillinginfo needed a better way to deliver this data to oilfield service companies. In addition, they needed a digital tool that would help inspectors find specific rigs easily.


Drillinginfo had all rig information, but didn’t provide it in a mobile setting. We took this information and created a mobile app with it. The app had a map and list with all the different rigs where users could apply filters to find specific rigs. With the app, inspectors were able to easily locate rigs and get directions to them. In addition, it helped give insight to the health of the drilling industry by seeing how many rigs there were.


  • When launched, Drillinginfo was ranked one of the top 10 revenue grossing applications in the US in the B2B category in 2014
  • Created wholly new revenue source for Drillinginfo

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