Dr. Now

Our mobile app is changing the way patients and physicians view and experience healthcare.

We worked with a former ER doctor to create a mobile app that would help patients request house calls on demand. The intuitive app made it easy to choose and request a healthcare provider that was close by, list out all symptoms, get prescriptions, and handle billing.


Inspired by the demand economy, a former ER doctor, who now owns walk-in and emergency clinics, saw a need for a mobile app that was essentially a way for patients to request doctors on demand. He noticed that doctors and resources weren’t geographically spread out so some areas would have many options for healthcare providers while others didn’t have any.


With the app, we figured out a way to easily match patients and healthcare providers together. In the app, patients are able to easily search for doctors and get information all within HIPAA compliance. We also created a responsive web page to promote the app that included FAQs for both patients and healthcare providers.


  • A Successful Houston rollout to doctors and patients
  • Dr. Now is poised to expand to other markets through the easy process of on-boarding doctors in new markets.

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