• Comprehensive
    Solution for Logistics
    Teams to Orchestrate
    Efficient Shipments and
    Deliveries Processes

    Oil & Gas, Chemical, Freight, Utilities

The Costs

Logistics teams are losing significant amount of money
and non-productive time due to an outdated, manual process

Plus many more…


Energy and chemical companies need an
efficient way to manage, supervise, and
coordinate mission-critical shipments

  • Manual shipment scheduling
    and management
  • No visibility into truck status and arrival times
  • High demurrage charges
  • Paper-based loading and unloading procedures
    and documentation
  • Difficult to streamline
    planning and institutionalize best practices


Eliminating non-productive time, demurrage and process inefficiencies by providing end-to-end visibility to logistics managers, facilities teams, and drivers.

  • $153/shipment savings–$5.5M recurring savings per year for 100 shipments/day business

  • Reduction in demurrage and extended wait times

  • Reduction in low-value, manual tasks (tracking, collecting paperwork, BOL, POD, etc.)

  • Increase of 73% in shipping processing procedure compliance

Vehicle Tracking

Quickly and easily locate
and track any shipment or
delivery at any time

Shipment Analytics

Identify carriers and
customers who cause
delays and increase
shipment cost

Faster Processing

Digital procedures and
paperwork to eliminate
bottlenecks and
opportunities for error



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