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We created a thought leadership mobile app that guided people through the world of shale gas and hydraulic fracturing

We worked with Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, an international law firm, to create the ShalePlay app. This app helps increase engagement with clients after a deal or project was complete. With the app, news and information is presented in a more creative way, leading to increased customer engagement, thought leadership, and lead generation.


Bracewell & Giuliani LLP had a problem of losing touch with many clients after a deal or project was completed. We set out to make an app that blew all other law firm apps out of the water and made it a dynamic experience with new information constantly being added to the application that showed both the positive and negative sides to hydraulic fracturing.


The app is a comprehensive resource on news and information related to shale gas and hydraulic fracturing. We made the content visually engaging and pertinent to clients since “fracking” is a hot topic. In addition, legal partners can leverage this information from the app in order to have meaningful conversations and show their thought leadership in regards to “fracking.”


  • Provided a comprehensive resource of news and information on shale gas and hydraulic fracturing
  • Increased customer engagement and sparked lead generation
  • Presented news and information about fracking in a creative way
“We created this app to offer our clients, and others in the industry, the latest news and information on oil and gas production in shale plays, providing a one-stop-shop for shale related content.” Paul Grabowski, Chief Marketing Officer, Bracewell & Giuliani

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