WWDC 2012 Wrap Up & What Lies Beyond

By Jacob Voncannon | Jun 18, 2012
WWDC | ChaiOne | Houston & Austin

WWDC | ChaiOne | Houston & Austin

Thousands of nerds, artists, businessmen, developers, designers and mobile marketers swarmed to San Francisco this past week for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Each year countless Apple followers adorn lanyard passes with iPad, iPhone and MacBook in tow, as they make their way to the industry’s Mecca. Not to miss out, we sent two of our own from ChaiONE to see what Apple was rolling out next, first hand. Here’s a recap of the highlights from what we learned:

New Software:

  • OS X Mountain Lion: Apple always has minor updates and tweaks to their operating systems, and usually a fierce new animal name to go along with it. The biggest change from Lion to Mountain Lion is the integration of social networks and alerts throughout the system: Facebook and Twitter are seamlessly integrated, ready for up-to-the-minute updates as well as an all-new notification center that will alert the users of any new messages across their various networks.
  • iOS 6: Since we are experts in the mobile industry, this is what we were most excited to hear! Perhaps the biggest change announced at WWDC for the mobile side was that Apple will no longer be using Google Maps, instead they’ve invested greatly in their own mapping service, in which they partnered with GPS maker, TomTom. The maps look incredible, but only time will tell how useful the switch actually is. The only other true change in iOS was Siri, with greater integration of sports scores, local restaurants and movie theaters. Siri will now be able to answer thousands of more questions.

New Hardware:

  • MacBook Air: Probably the biggest upgrade in the MacBook Air line is the processor speed. With the inclusion of the Intel Ivy Bridge microchip and i7 processors, the new Air will boast a processor speed of up to 3.2 GHz.
  • MacBook Pro: Much like the Air, the new Pros will receive the new Intel chips and processors, but will also include an upgrade in its graphics with the Nvidia GeForce GT650M graphics card.
  • MacBook Pro with retina Display: This may have been the only big hardware announcement, but it sure was stellar. This sleek new MacBook Pro comes in at a staggering 0.71-inch-thick body – 0.71! That’s just crazy. The new MacBook carries the same stunning screen display as the new iPad, but has a much larger screen real estate. The only down side is the steep asking price, starting at $2,199.

The biggest thing we took away from WWDC wasn’t so much what was announced, but what wasn’t. The new features for iOS 6 didn’t seem like a new OS, but rather a small tweak to the current iOS 5. It leaves us mobile geeks pondering: Was this just a teaser of what iOS 6 is truly capable of? Will we see more in the fall when the next iPhone is rumored to launch? Only time will tell.

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