The History of iOS and the Introduction of iOS 7 [Infographic]

By Jacob Voncannon | Sep 18, 2013

In the past six years, Apple has released seven versions of iOS. iOS 7 is building up to be the biggest change to to OS since the launch of the iPhone. From the complete redesign, to features like iBeacons, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio, iOS 7 looks and feels vastly different from the original iPhoneOS. Looking at all the changes to the OS over the years, it is easy to to see how different the iOS we know today is from the original iPhoneOS that was announced in June 2007. We had trouble thinking of when the major feature updates were announced so¬†we made this infographic to help us, and our community remember how far Apple’s mobile OS has come.


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With iOS 7 and the new hardware updates coming with the iPhone 5S and 5C, there are a lot of new features to try. I know our developers and designers at ChaiOne are excited about the new possibilities that have opened up with the new OS. Time will tell how many hidden features will come out once iOS 7 launches, and how big of mobile computing shift we’re going to see.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on of where we’ve been to where we are now with smartphones? What new features are you most interested in?


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