Oil and Gas Apps: Energy At A Glance

By admin | Oct 18, 2016

Without infographics, the world would be a much more complicated and confusing place. Images that convey information at a glance are everywhere, and we’d literally be “lost” without them. Celebrating the power of visual communication, ChaiONE is proud to unveil our new Oil & Gas Infographic that summarizes the impact of oil and gas apps!

If you’ve ever used a table, a bar graph or a pie chart, you’ve already created a rudimentary infographic.

Oil & Gas app development | ChaiOne | Houston & Austin

Oil & Gas app development | ChaiOne | Houston & Austin

Looking back at ancient maps and cave paintings, it becomes clear that the visual display of information is actually older than written language. Visual perception has been an important survival tool as long as humans have been around, but now it’s becoming an even more important means of protecting our time and our sanity in today’s “information overload” environment.

Complex ideas that would take pages of text to get across can be communicated at a glance with a well-designed infographic. Because of all the fierce competition for people’s limited time and attention, it’s no wonder that some of the world’s top graphic thinkers are breaking new ground in the use of colors, proportions, patterns and dimensions to break new ground in visual communication. Infographics create an instantaneous frame of reference that is virtually free of any space or ergonomic constraints.

ChaiOne’s new Oil & Gas Infographic is just one example of the way that data comparisons can become more clear, persuasive and functional with the right design elements. One of the great names in visual thinking is Edward R. Tufte. His 1990 book Envisioning Information is considered a classic study of how vast amounts of multi-dimensional data can be converted from dry reams of abstract numbers to visually stunning diagrams, graphs, charts and other creative “at a glance” formats.

The example we present here quantifies the connective power of enterprise mobile in the oil and gas sector.

It’s a visual display of what mobile apps are doing and how they’re performing in a context that’s equally relatable to people in the energy industry and in enterprise mobile. Something else that it illustrates is the importance of visual design in the creation a successful mobile app. Visual thinking has a critical impact on UI/UX considerations and it comes into play early in the app development process.

This is why ChaiOne takes a balanced approach to development that puts creativity, technology and business discipline together in the right proportions throughout design and deployment. Our designers are second to none at finding the visual essence of an app and turning it into a powerful bridge between the client’s business objective and a compelling, engaging user experience.

Again, we’re proud to roll out our latest infographic that highlights our close partnership with our clients in the energy sector. We invite you to look it over and visit us at www.chaione.com.