ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Nic Nash, Full Stack Engineer

By Rachel Nitschke | Jun 21, 2016

This month’s employee spotlight focuses on Nic Nash, one of our full stack engineers. Nic has been with the company for one year and 8 months, using Javascript, HTML and CSS to push the limits of what can be done in a browser.

When did you know you wanted to be a developer?

It probably started with Mario on NES, but was solidified when I learned you could write BASIC on the TI-80. I created a rudimentary Phoenix game using the graph and was hooked ever since. GOTO all the things.

What was the first thing you remember building? 

When I was very young, my dad and I built a compressed air super soaker made from 8-inch PVC pipes and I hooked it up to an air compressor to ‘charge’. I could hardly carry the thing it was so large and heavy, but damn was it impressive. I felt like a heavy in TF2.

What was the first app or software that you worked on and what was the strangest?

My first and strangest was probably a paint brush iOS app where glitches were features.  It had all the normal features, multiple colors, brushes, etc, however if you accidentally had a second finger touch the screen, it would spasm back and forth.  With some practice you could use it as a technique for a specific look.  We decided to leave it in and even had a photo of it on the app store.  We also included some hidden features like rainbow mode where if you selected a hidden color box, your colors would cycle through the rainbow.  This was our first iOS app as a company while finding clients, and let us have some fun.

What’s different about the ChaiOne engineering department vs working another agency or corporation?

I’ve just always worked alone, so I really appreciate the team atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and down to earth. Now I bounce ideas off people all the time, and we trust each other enough to ask even the dumb questions when necessary.

Describe the engineering department as a comic book title.

The Amazing Travis and his Binary Brigade

What’s your favorite company culture activity?

Theres so many to pick from! Game night was my favorite. Going toe-to-toe with a VP is always entertaining.

What advice would you give to prospective ChaiOne engineers?
Be kind, be smart, be humble. Also, your sense of community is what you make of it.
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