Offshore Technology Conference

By admin | May 03, 2012
Offshore Technology Conference | ChaiOne

Offshore Technology Conference | ChaiOne

If you didn’t already know, we took some time out of our week to stop by Houston’s infamous, Offshore Technology Conference, or OTC. We wanted to take in the sights, learn more about the industry, and of course, check up on the Weatherford app that we developed and are very proud of! The Weatherford app was created in order to consolidate all marketing materials, presentations, animations and other collateral for industry trade shows and events and to enable all company sales, marketing and training professionals to have easy and fast access to these materials on the go.

With the creation of the app, not only do Weatherford employees have easy access to these materials, now, but trade show attendees do as well. We were thrilled to see a slew of participants lined up to sift through the iPad app at OTC!

OTC felt HUGE! Did you know that this year, OTC reached a record number of attendees? That’s right, 89,400 people from Houston and around the country and the world attended the world-renowned conference. We posted about the OTC app earlier this week, and did, in fact, find the app extremely helpful when navigating the beast that this conference turned out to be. We noticed that most vendors, while they were technologically advanced, weren’t using mobile applications. We hope in the future they’ll turn to developers like us to create innovative apps like Weatherford’s!


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