Wearable Technology

Augmented reality apps for the industrial worker

It’s not just for Pokemon Go. In augmented reality (AR), digital information is overlaid over the real world of the viewer. The Pokemon Go game and visual displays in the…

By Evelina Tapia | Oct 12, 2016

Nine Ways IoT (and M2M) Integrations Will Change the Utilities Industry

The utilities industry is set to lead. The Internet of Things, with its predecessor machine-to-machine communications, are set to make the world a much more connected place in the next…

By Rachel Nitschke | Mar 16, 2016

Apple Watch: The Next Enterprise Technology

The Apple Watch: overhyped or worth it? Some are regretting their purchase while others are loving it. There are definitely many perks, but also some downsides to the technology. As…

By Natalie Cheng | Jun 03, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Next Chapter

This week, Apple announced a great number of new products and services that it will start shipping to customers in mid-April. First, Apple announced that they would be the exclusive…

By Jeff Kibuule | Mar 11, 2015

How Windows 10 Will Impact Your Business

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a more complete version of Windows 10 to the world, showing how the company intends on advancing the next version of its operating system….

By Jeff Kibuule | Feb 09, 2015

Apple WatchKit SDK: Current and Future Capabilities

Apple’s WatchKit SDK has been available since mid-November, and developers have had enough time to give their initial response after a month or two of development time. The WatchKit SDK…

By Jeff Kibuule | Jan 07, 2015

The Enterprise Holy Grail of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, NFC

On Tuesday, Apple used its traditional September media event to announce several new products including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the long-awaited wearable, the Apple Watch. Besides the…

By Jeff Kibuule | Sep 11, 2014

How Wearables Can Be Used In the Enterprise

You’ve probably already heard of Google Glass, but have you heard of Athos or Ring? Athos and Ring are other wearable products that go beyond glasses and smart watches. It…

By Natalie Cheng | Jun 11, 2014

Potential Uses of Google Glass in the Oil & Gas Industry

Wearable technology seems to be everywhere lately. According to statistics from the IHS and RockHealth.com, “the global wearables market was worth more than $2.5B in revenue in 2012 and is…

By Natalie Cheng | Jun 05, 2014

I Think Therefore I Do: User Interfaces Beyond the Mobile Phone

Interface design has gone through a series of paradigm shifts as technology and its user’s needs evolve. The three main user interfaces we’ve experienced and continue to interact with are…

By Osama Ashawa | Feb 19, 2014

Why Should I Care About the Wearable Technology Market?

Based on Senior Developer Matthew Morey’s talk on Wearable Devices at TechStreet Follow him on Twitter @xzolian It seems like everyone is talking about wearable technology. Startups and other companies…

By Natalie Cheng | Nov 25, 2013