User Research

Using User Research to Get Ahead of the Competition

Mobile app demand is at an all-time high in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-enterprise (B2E) domains as companies strive for an advantage against their competition. While third-party mobile tools…

By Evelina Tapia | Jan 09, 2017

Contextual Inquiries: What, How, and Why

Conducting a contextual inquiry (CI) is one of the most powerful steps for studying a group’s UX and applying UCD. CI’s are just what you may think – it’s inquiring…

By Adrian Garcia | Dec 12, 2016

Top 5 UX Research Myths for Enterprise Mobile and Digital Solutions

With industries from oil and gas to utilities to manufacturing seeking impactful digital and mobile solutions — business stakeholders, including CEOs and product leaders, are increasingly incorporating user experience (UX)…

By Kirk Eggleston | Dec 07, 2016

Using Ethnographic Research in Business

Trying to understand your customers and your business better? One tool you can use is ethnographic research, which allows an organization to learn about the user’s current experiences so that…

By Natalie Cheng | Dec 02, 2016

Personas in the User-Centered Design Process

If you are involved in User-Centered Design (UCD) work, you need to know about personas. Personas are a means of summarizing an audience segment targeted by a product development effort…

By Adrian Garcia | Nov 14, 2016

A Guide To Software Usability Testing

Trying to figure out how to improve a mobile app? Have you observed users actually using it? A great way to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app is to…

By Adrian Garcia | Oct 06, 2016

Using Surveys in the User-Centered Design and Agile Lifecycles For Better Usability

Surveys are an effective way to gain insight needed for designing and delivering innovative technology. Broadly, surveys can be used for two reasons: 1) as a means of measurement and…

By Adrian Garcia | Sep 15, 2016

SXSW 2017: Only 1 day left to vote!

This year, ChaiOne is trying to go for a speaking gig at one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and one that is in our own backyard (well,…

By Rachel Nitschke | Sep 02, 2016

SXSW 2017: We need your vote

We’re ready for SXSW…and it’s only August. A few ChaiOnauts have submitted speaking applications. Take FIVE minutes to take a look and then head on over to the PanelPicker to give…

By Rachel Nitschke | Aug 16, 2016

Six Best Practices For Conducting User Interviews

In software development, researchers collect data about end users’ needs to make sure the resulting system facilitates the work they are trying accomplish. In order to do this, they can…

By Adrian Garcia | Aug 04, 2016

Are Your Digital Plant Tools Helping Employees?

The digital plant will never be successful without user research. We’ve said it many times and we’ll continue to say it, implementing digital tools without user research is like walking…

By Madeleine Popp | Jul 01, 2016

Technology and the Generation Gap

Technology continues to revolutionize the way that work is done. For instance, digital data entry on a tablet allows users to skip paper forms, reduces errors in recorded information and…

By Evelina Tapia | Jun 23, 2016

Human Factors and Successful Enterprise UX

The business benefits of intuitive, user-friendly and pleasant technologies have been highlighted in various sources, including prominent media outlets like Harvard Business Journal and Forbes. Delivering positive business user experiences…

By Evelina Tapia | Apr 26, 2016

Uxicorn: Choosing the Right Design and UX Agency

The buzzword UX, which stands for “User eXperience,” has escaped design world and infiltrated C-level suites at various companies that engage in everything under the sun except design. They need…

By Evelina Tapia | Apr 14, 2016

Why the UX of Star Wars: A New Hope Tells a Completely Different Story

When audiences first saw the universe George Lucas built “in a galaxy far, far away,” it was the technology and connection between the humans and that technology that mesmerized. What…

By Adrian and Emmanuelle | Apr 07, 2016

The Foolproof Strategy to Gathering User Requirements for Mobile Applications

Sales had stagnated for a major foodservice product distributor. It took 50 percent more interactions for new sales hires to achieve the same results as their veteran counterparts, due to…

By Rachel Nitschke | Mar 30, 2016

7 Myths Ruining the Industrial IoT for Enterprises

As more and more connected devices begin to leverage their own data in communicating with the people who operate them, the new way of doing business is quickly taking shape….

By Rachel Nitschke | Mar 21, 2016

Solving the Biggest Challenge of Enterprise IoT: UX

James Bond is driving a BMW 750i, expertly maneuvering through a difficult parking garage and evading a rocket launcher, a steel wire trap and quite a few barrages of gunfire….

By Rachel Nitschke | Feb 16, 2016

What is UX Research and Why Should I Care?

What is user research and why should my organization care? What’s the return on investment from research? Often, you’ll hear people dismiss the value of research and you may have…

By Natalie Cheng | Jan 13, 2016

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