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ChaiOne’s Velostics Platform Featured by Innovation Map

HOUSTON, Texas—April 7, 2020 — ChaiOne’s logistics platform, Velostics, was given a spotlight by Innovation Map. Innovation Map fashions itself as the “voice of innovation in Houston covering startups, tech,…

By admin | Apr 07, 2020

Top 10 Mobile & Tech Blogs To Read

With constant changes in mobile and new technology developments all the time, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and keep up. Fortunately, we have many blogs and websites that…

By admin | Dec 30, 2017

Why Should I Care About the Wearable Technology Market?

Based on Senior Developer Matthew Morey’s talk on Wearable Devices at TechStreet Follow him on Twitter @xzolian It seems like everyone is talking about wearable technology. Startups and other companies…

By admin | Nov 24, 2017

Elixir Concepts : What You Need to Know Now

Elixir is a language built on the Erlang virtual machine. It was written in 2011 by José Valim. Elixir has a Ruby-like syntax but it behaves in a much different way….

By admin | Aug 17, 2017

Augmented Exercise: A Meetup Review

Houston has a vibrant iOS community, complete with a large iOS Developers Meetup. Between work commitments and three kids, it’s been very long time since I’ve been able to attend one,…

By admin | Aug 09, 2017

About Swift 4 JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder extensions

With ChaiOne being a digital innovation agency, we are constantly finding ourselves on the bleeding edge of technology. Events such as WWDC becomes a department wide event in our offices….

By admin | Aug 03, 2017

Virtual Houston

Houston is known for many things– we’re the fourth largest city in the US, we’ve got the largest medical center in the world, NASA, the Energy Corridor. But one thing Houston…

By admin | Jul 17, 2017

Why the UX of Star Wars: A New Hope Tells a Completely Different Story

When audiences first saw the universe George Lucas built “in a galaxy far, far away,” it was the technology and connection between the humans and that technology that mesmerized. What…

By admin | Apr 07, 2016

How iBeacons Work Beyond Retail

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how iBeacons could be implemented in the retail industry. Even though iBeacons work well in the retail environment, the technology can be…

By admin | Mar 17, 2016

How Far Are We From Holographic Displays?

Remember how we used to watch movies on a hand operated projector? We’ve sure come a long way from back then to the age of high definition LCD screens and…

By admin | Jan 22, 2016

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Aren’t Just for Hollywood Any More

Scientists at the University of Washington have been working on the creation of a contact lens that will allow users to experience augmented reality – without having to hold their…

By admin | Jan 21, 2016