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Futuristic Utopia Is Here | Smart Home Technologies

Based on Director of Operations Juston Western’s talk on Smart Home Technology at TechStreet Follow him on Twitter @justonwestern Imagine this scenario: Your alarm clock rings and you wake up….

By admin | Dec 04, 2017

The Future of the Smart Home Market

The smart toilet that will tell you if you have or are at risk for diabetes. The smart fridge that lets you see its contents at the grocery store from…

By admin | Jun 20, 2016

My meter is smart. Why isn’t my utility provider?

One of the most-hated practices for a Memphis-based utility provider is coming to an end this summer: “estimating” customers’ utility bills because a utility employee was not able to manually…

By admin | Jun 06, 2016

Connect Your Home With the Xbox One or PS4

As we begin 2014 and continue into the next several years, more people will be moving toward smart home technologies leading to more connected homes. Two devices that came out…

By admin | Jan 08, 2016