4 Tips on Managing an Industrial Field Services Workforce

Managing a workforce in the industrial field services space presents several unique challenges. These factors have an impact on more than just human resources – they affect the overall operations…

By Evelina Tapia | Sep 29, 2017

Why Your Team Needs a Standard Architecture

Introduction This post will explain how implementing a Standard Architecture in ChaiOne’s Engineering Department has helped us, and why you should implement a Standard Architecture for your own team. Before…

By admin | Sep 06, 2017

About Swift 4 JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder extensions

With ChaiOne being a digital innovation agency, we are constantly finding ourselves on the bleeding edge of technology. Events such as WWDC becomes a department wide event in our offices….

By admin | Aug 03, 2017

Why Your Business Needs an Anthropologist

Research is important. Google knows it. Apple knows it. Microsoft and IBM know it. Facebook knows it. All of the major automotive manufacturers know it. And while most business people…

By admin | Jul 24, 2017