Mobile Strategy

3 Opportunities to Empower Your Mobile Field Services Workforce

For many years, software and digital innovations across the field services industry were focused on work executed indoors, at a desk and in front of a monitor. Yet, a large…

By Evelina Tapia | Oct 04, 2017

4 Tips on Managing an Industrial Field Services Workforce

Managing a workforce in the industrial field services space presents several unique challenges. These factors have an impact on more than just human resources – they affect the overall operations…

By Evelina Tapia | Sep 29, 2017

Top 5 Reasons for a Chatbot for Your Business or Brand

In his 1996 book, Dave Barry in Cyberspace, Barry says, “the internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.”…

By Kirk Eggleston | Apr 06, 2017

Simplifying Complex Digital Transformation Projects

No matter how you slice it, enterprise digital transformation is complex. That’s because digital transformation (DT) is not simply a restructure or IT implementation, it’s a total business shift. Related:…

By Kirk Eggleston | Mar 02, 2017

Digital Oilfield: Streamlining Hydrocarbon Measurement and Sampling

Today, with the new normal of low oil prices, the need to mitigate costly hydrocarbon measurement and sampling errors is more important than ever before. So, what can industry decision…

By Kirk Eggleston | Dec 21, 2016

What is Mobile Strategy?

More screens= profit. This used to be how companies approached mobile apps. Move the web or desktop interface to mobile, adjust the form factors, and boom! Profit. Then came the…

By Rachel Nitschke | Apr 21, 2016

Oil and Gas Operational Excellence Through Mobility and the Industrial Internet of Things

It is no secret that low oil and gas prices are changing the ways companies operate in the oil patch. In the past, companies turned to reduction-in-force (RIF) strategies to…

By Neil Bedekar | Dec 14, 2015

What is A Digital Innovation Strategy?

Need a ride home and don’t have a car? These days, you can just pull out your phone and request an Uber or Lyft to take you home. Of course,…

By Natalie Cheng | Nov 11, 2015

User Research: The Key to Mobile Digital Transformation

Did you know that digital transformation is occurring rapidly at a majority of public and private sector organizations? This sounds great, but what exactly is digital transformation? Forbes describes digital…

By Natalie Cheng | Nov 05, 2015

How to Align Your Business Innovation Strategy to Your Culture

When was the last time you took a picture with an analog camera? This question may appear to be the answer as to why camera technology pioneer Kodak filed for…

By Gaurav Khandelwal | Nov 03, 2015

Approaching Strategic Innovation Planning for the Digital Age

Consumers today aren’t as loyal to brands as they once were. Don’t believe this statement? Just ask Nokia, a company that just years earlier was dominating the mobile phone industry….

By Natalie Cheng | Nov 02, 2015

10 Reasons Every CIO Needs a Digital Innovation Strategy

It’s February 2007. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, calls with a request for a product that has never been created, marketed or even come close to existing before. He asks…

By Gaurav Khandelwal | Oct 26, 2015

How to Guarantee ROI with a Legacy System Modernization

One hundred million dollars worth of Hershey’s Kisses, Jolly Ranchers, Whoppers– all packaged, prepared and waiting to ship out to grocery stores around the country for the lucrative Halloween season….

By Rachel Nitschke | Oct 19, 2015

Heuristic Evaluations and Usability Testing are Critical to Your Business

Did you know that difficult to use, ineffective, cumbersome software leads to low user adoption which accounts for about 70% of failed projects? Creating user-friendly products is crucial to user…

By Evelina Tapia | Oct 15, 2015

User Experience Research & User-Centered Design

Investing in user experience (UX) by designing software through a user-centered design framework serves three primary functions: Increases the top and bottom lines of companies Ensures products are launched on…

By Adrian Garcia | Oct 12, 2015

How Mobile Fits Into Your Centralized IT Strategy

Do you have a centralized IT strategy? If so, do you also have a mobile strategy? How does mobile fit into your overall centralized IT strategy? These are important questions…

By Natalie Cheng | Oct 05, 2015

Why Midstream Firms Need Mobile Oil and Gas Technology

Imagine field after field of oil storage tanks, some so large they could hold a 747 jumbo jet. This is what you will see when you drive out to Cushing,…

By Rachel Nitschke | Oct 01, 2015

Understanding the ROI of Mobile Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

Your field service technician is on a call with a customer. He sees that the customer needs to order a spare part for the system to return to full operating…

By Gaurav Khandelwal | Sep 16, 2015

Why Mobilizing Your Lean Manufacturing Tools Can Eliminate Waste

How does this add value? This was the main question that guided Kiichiro Toyoda and the Toyota leadership team when they built upon Henry Ford’s assembly line production model to…

By Rachel Nitschke | Sep 14, 2015

How Utilities Can Improve Customer Retention with a Mobile App

16,000 percent. This is how much mobile traffic to utility company websites increased in the northeastern U.S. in the days after Hurricane Sandy knocked power (and Wifi) out for many…

By Rachel Nitschke | Aug 27, 2015

Why Mobile Utilities Apps Matter for Customers and Profits

Low prices and slim margins– this is where analysts are predicting electricity providers are headed. To consumers, one utility provider’s kilowatt-hour is the same as one from their competitor; it…

By Rachel Nitschke | Aug 11, 2015