Mobile App Development

What is Apple’s B2B App Store and How Does It Work?

With $10 billion in gross revenue in 2013 and 1.2 million apps as of June 2014, Apple’s App Store is a massive business. How do these apps get into the…

By chaione | Jul 29, 2014

Changing the User Experience with iBeacons

Context is a growing mobile trend, especially through the use of iBeacons. These inexpensive and low powered proximity sensors track user location to send push notifications. ABI Research predicts that…

By Justine Albright | Jul 24, 2014

Good-bye Objective-C, Hello Apple’s Swift

As you may have heard, Apple unveiled a new programming language called Swift a few weeks back at WWDC. This is monumental in a number of ways, and one of…

By Terry Lewis | Jul 07, 2014

Google I/O 2014: A Developer’s Perspective

This year’s Google I/O developer conference once again gave developers plenty to be excited about. As expected, we heard about the next release of the Android operating system, Android Wear…

By chaione | Jul 01, 2014

Rise of Self-Destructing Media for Privacy and Security

According to a survey conducted by Ponemon Research, 90% of companies surveyed had a network breach by hackers in the past year. With the rise of self-destructing media, enterprises are…

By Justine Albright | Jun 30, 2014

Smart Home Technology Integration of Context

Advancing smart home technology has quickly made smart houses more than just a dream home in a movie. Imagine never physically touching a light switch or thermostat again. Manufacturers and…

By Gaurav Khandelwal | Jun 16, 2014

Hacking Away At The World

It’s hard to think of a more misused word in the general public than ‘hacking’. Maybe it’s the public at large and our fear of the complexities of technology, but…

By Mark Wilkinson | May 27, 2014

Quick Tips For Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is blooming and many software developers are transitioning either temporarily or permanently from different software fields. Thanks to matured platforms like Xcode and Android Studio, the experience…

By Yuichi Fujiki | Apr 01, 2014

Women Who Code: Rails Girls

If you take a broad look at the software development community, you’ll find female developers scarce. Studies and polls average that approximately only 10% of developers are women. That percentage also…

By Sally Ransom | Mar 25, 2014

ReactiveCocoa: Because your apps and users are worth it.

ReactiveCocoa, for the uninitiated, is a framework built for Objective-C that enables Functional Reactive Programming on both iOS and Mac OSX. It is based on the Reactive Extensions for .NET….

By Terry Lewis | Mar 11, 2014

Modeling a Tree of Data in Rails

When writing web applications, the abstractions you use to model the data are very important. Most of the time a simple relational table structure will do the job you need…

By Robert Boone | Mar 07, 2014

A Guide To Android App Development Tools

Android Development Tools: A Brief History As Android use has grown worldwide, more developers are choosing to build apps for the platform. Initially, preparing for Android development meant downloading Eclipse,…

By chaione | Jan 15, 2014

Helpful Tools for iOS Developers

Imagine walking into the worksite for a new building.  You bring no tools and rely only on what was provided to you by your frugal contractor.  Within a short time…

By Mark Wilkinson | Jan 07, 2014

Should I Create a Mobile Center of Excellence?

You may have heard of the term ‘center of excellence’. What does it mean exactly? A center of excellence refers to a team or entity that provides leadership, best practices,…

By Natalie Cheng | Nov 20, 2013

5 Ways to Increase the Performance of Your RSpec Tests

At ChaiOne, we highly encourage that developers write tests in their projects. TDD (Test Driven Development) is also encouraged. Testing (and TDD) prevents bugs in production, forces better code, and…

By Aaron Ortbals | Nov 19, 2013

Hard & Soft ROI in Mobile App Development

Is mobile ROI really all that different from what we learned about in business school? The short answer is no. However, the context and situations are different in mobile when…

By Jacob Voncannon | Nov 13, 2013

The Virtues of Pair Programming

Pair programming is a software development technique where two developers collaborate on one feature from a shared workstation. This differs from developers collaborating on different sections of code for a…

By chaione | Oct 15, 2013

An Introduction to Push Notifications in Mobile Apps

What are push notifications? It’s a safe bet that smartphone owners already use push notifications on a daily, if not hourly basis. I’m sure if you asked your mother about…

By Mark Wilkinson | Sep 13, 2013

Lessons Learned in Starting iOS Development

When I first started developing for iOS, I often asked myself, “How can I quickly become an efficient iOS developer?” I did some research online and asked several engineers I met in school….

By Jerry Wang | Aug 29, 2013

HTML 5 vs Native Apps Dilemma

So you have an idea for an app and you want it to reach as many users as possible and as soon as possible. Building a cross-platform HTML5 web app…

By Anuradha Ramprakash | Aug 26, 2013

How Often Should I Update My Mobile App?

I often get asked the question, well how often should I update my mobile app? I typically have to stop, think, and say: It depends. There is no magic number…

By chaione | Aug 02, 2013