Legacy systems

Maintain, Replace or Modernize: Optimizing Your Legacy Systems

Many CIOs today deal with rising costs of maintenance of legacy systems, yet are unsure of where to start with their judgment of the business value of the system, including…

By Rachel Nitschke | Dec 07, 2017

Black-Box vs. White-Box Legacy System Modernization Methods

240 billion. This is how many lines of code are tied up in legacy systems. Maintaining this code, which is fragile after years of “fix-it-quick” patches, takes too long for…

By Rachel Nitschke | Nov 16, 2017

3 Ways Field Service Apps Empower Your Mobile Workforce

For many years, field services software and digital innovations were focused on work executed indoors, at a desk and in front of a monitor. Yet, a large percentage of the…

By Evelina Tapia | Oct 04, 2017

What is a legacy system and how does it affect the business model?

In 2017, one in four companies will lose competitive ranking due to a lack of digital business competence– and lose out on the new markets, faster time-to-market, streamlined operations and…

By Rachel Nitschke | Jan 17, 2017

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