The Evolution of Design, and How Jony Ive didn’t screw up iOS 7

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression. While that is kind of a lame expression, there is something to it. iOS 7 has been…

By Jared Huke | Jul 29, 2013

New Enterprise Features in iOS 7

Since the June 10th keynote, Apple has slowly let more and more information out about iOS 7. Many consumers might miss this, but there are a slew of new enterprise…

By Thyanh Ngyuen | Jul 22, 2013

A Developer’s Thoughts on iOS 7

I spent an inspiring week in San Francisco to watch Apple unveil what they’ve been working on for the past year. I was there last year as well where we…

By chaione | Jun 27, 2013

If I Want To Build An iPhone App & Android App, Will It Cost Twice As Much?

[twocol_one] Here at ChaiOne, we’re often approached by individuals & companies seeking guidance on their mobile initiatives. A question that we are frequently asked is “how do we address a…

By Juston Western | Jun 11, 2013

WWDC 2013 Predictions | an iOS Developer’s POV

No New iOS hardware [twocol_one] As WWDC is a developers conference first and foremost there will be no new iOS hardware. Even though the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 were…

By Matt Morey | Jun 06, 2013

Shoul your Company Make a Mobile App

With more than 120 million mobile tablets shipped this year, many companies are busy trying to develop something that makes communication with their customers, employees, vendors (and basically whoever they…

By admin | Jul 19, 2012

5 Best Free iPhone Healthcare Apps

There are over 300 million mobile devices in use in the U.S and more than 50 percent of physicians are using iPhone, iPad or Android devices at work. As one…

By admin | Jun 22, 2012

WWDC 2012 Wrap Up & What Lies Beyond

Thousands of nerds, artists, businessmen, developers, designers and mobile marketers swarmed to San Francisco this past week for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Each year countless Apple followers adorn lanyard passes…

By Jacob Voncannon | Jun 18, 2012

iOS Icon Design Basics

Creating an iOS application can be a fun & an exciting time. Hopes are high & you’re certain that your app will generate thousands of downloads & revolutionize the world….

By admin | Nov 29, 2011

Automating iOS Builds

Continuous integration is a well-known practice amongst agile developers with numerous benefits that make it a must on a nearly any software development project. At ChaiONE, we have a Mac…

By chaione | Nov 03, 2011

The iPhone 4S & iOS 5: Getting Down To Business

As we’ve done for the past three Apple keynotes, the ChaiOne team assembled in our conference room today to watch the liveblog announcements coming from Cupertino. While our developers have…

By Juston Western | Oct 05, 2011

Juston’s Favorite iOS Apps of 2010

One of the most exciting aspects of the current mobile computing environment is the explosion of really interesting software.  These are the apps that improve your day, teach you something…

By Juston Western | Jan 21, 2011