How Many Versions of iOS Should I Support?

Each fall, Apple aficionados eagerly await what the next iOS version will offer today’s mobile market. This year iOS 7 broke through with innovative design and technology, and mobile users…

By Sally Ransom | Nov 16, 2017

Automating iOS Builds

Continuous integration is a well-known practice amongst agile developers with numerous benefits that make it a must on a nearly any software development project. At ChaiONE, we have a Mac…

By chaione | Nov 03, 2017

3 Ways Field Service Apps Empower Your Mobile Workforce

For many years, field services software and digital innovations were focused on work executed indoors, at a desk and in front of a monitor. Yet, a large percentage of the…

By Evelina Tapia | Oct 04, 2017

Disaster Connect App Connects People With the Resources They Need

Download Disaster Connect for iOS | Android Over the past 60 days, Hurricane Harvey, Katia, Irma, Jose and Maria, as well as two major earthquakes hit North America. They caused…

By Gaurav Khandelwal | Sep 26, 2017

Why Your Team Needs a Standard Architecture

Introduction This post will explain how implementing a Standard Architecture in ChaiOne’s Engineering Department has helped us, and why you should implement a Standard Architecture for your own team. Before…

By Fabian Buentello | Sep 06, 2017

Lessons Learned in Starting iOS Development

When I first started developing for iOS, I often asked myself, “How can I quickly become an efficient iOS developer?” I did some research online and asked several engineers I met in school….

By Jerry Wang | Aug 29, 2017

Augmented Exercise: A Meetup Review

Houston has a vibrant iOS community, complete with a large iOS Developers Meetup. Between work commitments and three kids, it’s been very long time since I’ve been able to attend one,…

By Travis Fischer | Aug 09, 2017

Virtual Houston

Houston is known for many things– we’re the fourth largest city in the US, we’ve got the largest medical center in the world, NASA, the Energy Corridor. But one thing Houston…

By Fabian Buentello | Jul 17, 2017

Haptic Feedback Is Fostering Greater User Intimacy

Your phone vibrates to notify you, but of what? Is it a Snapchat? An Instagram like? An e-mail? A Twitter mention? A text message? Besides phone calls and the occasional…

By Madeleine Popp | Apr 03, 2017

Apple WatchKit SDK: Current and Future Capabilities

Apple’s WatchKit SDK has been available since mid-November, and developers have had enough time to give their initial response after a month or two of development time. The WatchKit SDK…

By Jeff Kibuule | Jan 07, 2017

Enterprise iOS Engineer Nathan Eror Joins ChaiOne

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact Contact: Jacob Voncannon 888.316.0357×122 Houston, TX Nov. 21, 2016 — ChaiOne, a digital innovation agency, welcomes enterprise iOS engineering expert Nathan Eror to our growing…

By Kirk Eggleston | Nov 29, 2016

Apple Pay: A more secure way to pay

With iOS 8.1, Apple released Apple Pay, their long-awaited solution to mobile payments. In the Passbook application, there is a new option for adding credit cards by either typing in your…

By Jeff Kibuule | Oct 27, 2016

The Evolution of Design, and How Jony Ive didn’t screw up iOS 7

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression. While that is kind of a lame expression, there is something to it. iOS 7 has been…

By Jared Huke | Jul 29, 2016

WWDC 2016: Siri everywhere, coding for all, and other thoughts a month later

It’s been about a month since WWDC and we thought it was about time to touch base with our Director of Engineering, Travis Fischer to ask him a couple questions about…

By Madeleine Popp | Jul 06, 2016

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