Enterprise Mobility

Delightful Customer Experience: A Game Changer for Utilities

This blog post is based on an interview with Fabrice Buron, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at ChaiOne. With recent deregulations and pressure on price in the utility…

By Natalie Cheng | Jun 25, 2017

Choosing the Right Mobile Map for Your Apps

As a kid, I remember climbing in the car and going on long road trips with the family. One of my favorite things to do was to grab the map…

By Blake Davidson | Jun 05, 2017

Apple Watch: The Next Enterprise Technology

The Apple Watch: overhyped or worth it? Some are regretting their purchase while others are loving it. There are definitely many perks, but also some downsides to the technology. As…

By Natalie Cheng | Jun 02, 2017

Digitize Your Manufacturing Content and Start Using Apps

Many businesses in the manufacturing industry are still stuck using paper and outdated technology. Did you know that the average office worker in a manufacturing company goes through 10,000 sheets…

By Natalie Cheng | May 26, 2017

Manufacturing Content That Sells

For quite a while, manufacturers have chosen to employ multiple sales channels to sell their products. This isn’t a problem within itself. However, it is commonplace for these sales reps…

By Madeleine Popp | May 18, 2017

Why Enterprise Mobile Projects Need a Proof of Concept—Fast

To enterprise level product owners: mobile apps can seem like a no brainer, especially as custom solutions can be uniquely tailored and plug directly into the nuances of your workforce,…

By Kirk Eggleston | May 16, 2017

Putting The Smart in Smart Office

There are some excellent consumer IoT and mobile applications on the market right now. But, when it comes to the enterprise, we aren’t seeing as much variety in product offerings….

By Madeleine Popp | May 04, 2017

Why do I need user research? Answers To Internal Objections

Successful products are ones that provide great user experiences (UX). Companies that focus on UX succeed and companies that don’t fail. The top 10 most successful companies in the S&P…

By Adrian Garcia | Apr 28, 2017

Improving the UX of Call Center Software

This blog post is based on an interview with Lali Lobzhanidze, a Senior Interaction Designer, at ChaiOne. Have you ever been overcharged on a utility bill? It probably made you…

By Natalie Cheng | Apr 27, 2017

How To Improve Call Center KPIs with Research

Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to designing products and applications that provide exceptional user experiences. In a design or UX context, efficiency can be described as the speed in which…

By Shivam Vora | Apr 21, 2017

How Mobile Technology Will Impact Healthcare

As a percentage, the United States spends the highest percent of its GDP (17.2%) on healthcare, significantly more than any other nation. However, patient outcomes are only comparable, if not…

By Jeff Kibuule | Mar 30, 2017

Quality Assurance: Start Early On Enterprise Mobile App Testing

Quality assurance (QA) is an integral aspect of building a successful mobile enterprise app. QA is something that should be brought early into the project process. Here at ChaiOne, we…

By Jefferson Tran | Mar 25, 2017

How can tech and mobile make the utilities industry better?

Electric utilities face a market shaped by increasing competition, increased consumer access to data, and regulatory and cost uncertainties. Technology provides ways in which utilities can address these risks and…

By Patrick Coogan | Mar 16, 2017

The Right Way To Deliver Enterprise Mobile Solutions

The worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised for exponential growth over the next several years, according to IDC – up to 7.1 trillion in 2020. Now that most…

By Saima Siddiqui | Mar 09, 2017

Mapping Mobility Opportunities For A Facilities Engineer

Facilities engineers are the unsung heroes of the oil field. While others are out searching for the latest and greatest, they are busy taking care of the fastly fading and…

By Madeleine Popp | Mar 06, 2017

Why You Should Choose Xamarin As Your Cross-Platform Development Tool

Over the years many businesses have invested heavily in using Microsoft throughout their organizations. Those with in-house development departments and custom software solutions more than likely chose to develop their…

By Blake Davidson | Mar 02, 2017

How Windows 10 Will Impact Your Business

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a more complete version of Windows 10 to the world, showing how the company intends on advancing the next version of its operating system….

By Jeff Kibuule | Feb 09, 2017

The Bigger Problem With Digitizing Healthcare Information

President Obama signed into law the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. According to Forbes, “the law provides…

By Madeleine Popp | Jan 28, 2017

How To Measure Success From An Enterprise Mobile App

Markets and Markets research projects that the BYOD and enterprise mobility markets will grow at 15% CAGR, reaching $181 billion by 2017. Enterprise mobility isn’t a cakewalk. It can be…

By Madeleine Popp | Jan 26, 2017

The Benefits of Big Data and Context

Data – it’s what companies are looking at more intently than ever before. The IDC recently reported that, “almost 3 zettabytes of data existed in the world in 2012, and…

By Natalie Cheng | Jan 12, 2017

How can mobility impact the digital oilfield?

The adoption of smartphones have surpassed the PC at last and is becoming even more integrated into day-to-day life. We use it to read email, share news with friends, check…

By Fabrice Buron | Dec 16, 2016

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