Digital Innovation

Uxicorn: Choosing the Right Design and UX Agency

The buzzword UX, which stands for “User eXperience,” has escaped design world and infiltrated C-level suites at various companies that engage in everything under the sun except design. They need…

By Evelina Tapia | Apr 14, 2016

Nine Ways IoT (and M2M) Integrations Will Change the Utilities Industry

The utilities industry is set to lead. The Internet of Things, with its predecessor machine-to-machine communications, are set to make the world a much more connected place in the next…

By Rachel Nitschke | Mar 16, 2016

Solving the Biggest Challenge of Enterprise IoT: UX

James Bond is driving a BMW 750i, expertly maneuvering through a difficult parking garage and evading a rocket launcher, a steel wire trap and quite a few barrages of gunfire….

By Rachel Nitschke | Feb 16, 2016

Vendor Managed Inventory: Why Downstream CIOs Need to Invest in 2016

Keep product moving. Keep haulers moving. Keep inventory low. These are the three profit-driven principles of downstream oil and gas companies. As long as those three are right, the firm…

By Rachel Nitschke | Jan 05, 2016

Jumpstart Your Innovation Process and Strategy for 2016

On-demand delivery apps have exploded, Amazon Echo’s Alexa is now calmly tracking consumers’ grocery lists, the iPad has a stylus and a new bet on enterprise, new enterprise applications are…

By Rachel Nitschke | Jan 04, 2016

What is a legacy system and how does it affect the business model?

In 2017, one in four companies will lose competitive ranking due to a lack of digital business competence– and lose out on the new markets, faster time-to-market, streamlined operations and…

By Rachel Nitschke | Dec 17, 2015

Maintain, Replace or Modernize: How to Optimize Your Legacy Systems

Many CIOs today deal with rising costs of maintenance of legacy systems, yet are unsure of where to start with their judgment of the business value of the system, including…

By Rachel Nitschke | Dec 07, 2015

Black-Box vs. White-Box Legacy System Modernization Methods

240 billion. This is how many lines of code are tied up in legacy systems. Maintaining this code, which is fragile after years of “fix-it-quick” patches, takes too long for…

By Rachel Nitschke | Nov 16, 2015