Archer Wells

We helped sales reps access collateral wherever they were in order to sell more oilfield service products.

At Archer Wells, a global oilfield service company, sales reps didn’t always have the most updated collateral. We worked with them to connect their cloud storage with the EchoFolder platform, making the most up-to-date collateral available to sales reps on the iPad, iPhone, and the web.


Archer Wells was currently still using paper sales brochures and wanted to find a digital solution. They were looking for a better tool to sell their tools for oilfield services.


With so much marketing material and a large variety of products to sell, it can be hard for sales reps to keep up with the latest collateral and be aligned with what the marketing team publishes. Our mobile app gave sales reps the most up-to-date materials and access to collateral in the field when they need it even if they didn’t have Internet access. If a conversation with a customer went well, reps can easily send follow-ups directly from a mobile device. With the app’s newest update, reps can track content analytics to see which documents are being used the most among field sales reps.


  • 177% growth in usage of marketing content by sales team
  • Due to the alignment of the sales and marketing teams through the app, Archer continues to increase their content utilization rate.

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