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Reimagining plant, field, supply chain processes with design thinking led solutions that reduce cost, increase adoption and elevate customer experience.


ChaiOne is a pioneer in behavioral science-led strategy-to-solution for energy, power and manufacturing companies.

“ChaiOne was able to coax our users into revealing what they needed versus what our developers could offer… We believe that by improving the overall user experience this group will save our business millions of dollars and pay for itself.”

– Mike, Analytics Supervisor, Chevron

hours of field research led by PhD’s in behavioral research.

Leveraging our behavioral science-led design methodology, we identify, analyze and improve upon complex business processes and technology for simplification. We utilize intuitive design solutions to help the world’s largest industrial organizations re-imagine their legacy businesses and embrace digital solutions to maximize value and eliminate waste.

  • Transform Your Business With Customer-Centric Digital Experiences
  • Transformational New Energy Solutions

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thing in our
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- Plant Manager

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50% of the CEOs from billion-dollar companies expect their industries to be
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