Digital Plant Viewer App has won Industry Award !

Case Study

Modernize operations with custom apps
that are intuitive,
and require no training

“The visual representation of the data is what turns it into
meaningful and actionable information” Field Operator

Why ChaiOne?

We are a digital studio specializing in human-centered
research, design, and development.

User Research

Evaluate complex problems to uncover opportunities to reduce human error, manual work, and time on task


Create meaningful design built on concrete research to drive efficient, change, and user engagement


Strong understanding of the latest technologies to provide digital, scalable, and secure solutions for your business

Industry 4.0

40,000 hours of our research time is spent in industrial settings to design and develop intuitive apps that field workers love

Houston Strong

Help Houstonians connect with others during Hurricane Harvey through creating Disaster Connect app. Drive innovation in Houston via the board of Houston Exponential and chair Mayor Turner’s Digital Council.

Giving Back

Serve on the board of Magic Bus, helping educate 400,000 slum kids in India via 9,000 volunteers at a cost of only $25/kid/year.

Design led digital transformation for
the world’s largest companies

50 percent of the CEOs from billion-dollar companies expect their industries
to be “substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital.”

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