Creating mobile solutions for large enterprises encompasses a lot more than just 'developing an app'

Developing Applications to Transform Your Business

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Creating mobile solutions for large enterprises encompasses a lot more than just “developing an app.” In order to create apps that have a significant impact on your business, a depth of knowledge and experience with a wide range of IT architecture and infrastructure is required. Our team takes advantage of your users' contextual situation in development. The ChaiOne Agile process relies on quick, but precise design and development iterations with flexibility to change project priorities throughout the development cycle. Our team of developers have over 500 agile mobile projects under their belts covering a wide range of industries, with greatest expertise in oil and gas applications.

Development Practice Areas

Native Development

The ChaiOne team firmly believes that applications should be designed and developed with platform selection in mind. Development environments like Xcode, Swift, and Android Studio offer a powerful set of tools to utilize hardware features unavailable to many web and cross development platforms.

Cross-Platform Development

Enterprises today need the flexibility to support multiple platforms without developing an app from the ground up on each platform. Most cross-development platforms only offer the lowest common denominator experiences. With that in mind, we support only a few cross-development platforms like Xamarin and IBM Bluemix that do support 100% of the different platform APIs while lowering total cost of ownership.

Development Specializations

ContextHub Platform

Contextual awareness is quickly becoming a key feature in creating great experiences and gaining efficiencies in business. The developers at ChaiOne leverage our proprietary platform, ContextHub, to abstract sensor data in order to significantly speed up development time, and give users the ability to take action in their immediate context and need. Learn more about ContextHub

Adoption Analytics

Tracking the usage, adoption, and actions taken on your app are key to understand what needs to be improved, and what is working best in your application. In the design and development process our team works with you to help you come up with a plan to make sure your users are progressing as you hoped they would.

Managed Services

In the past four years, there have been over twelve key releases that have affected application development for both iOS and Android. If you don’t follow up your initial app launch with improvements or additional features, the app will quickly sour in the minds of your users. ChaiOne’s Managed Services help you roadmap maintenance and future releases and plan out an agile process in your development planning.